Jingles and Commercials

Professional Dj for all ocassions: Weddings, Quinceañeras, Sweet 16, kid birthdays, hous parties, dance clubs, festivals, church events, school dances, and more. 
I can sing cover songs, perform with guitar, piano, or instrumental live for a concert or at a party I may already be Djing. Price is negotiable depending on type of party, travel and lodging costs, and how long and type of performance needed. 
I can write a jingle or provide music for your company's commercial, marketing plan, advertisement, website, event, and more. I have plenty of experience in radio and writing copy and have written and produced many jingles for different companies in different fields. 

Language and Music Lessons

Record Producer and Engineer

Artist Management and Development

Language: I can give you lessons in English and Spanish. I am a certified Spanish Teacher who also teaches English at night. 
Music: I also hold a minor in music and can give the following lessons: Voice, guitar, Piano, trumpet, drums, bass
I can give lessons through an online video app or live at a local place of your choice. 
I have written, recorded, and produced two albums of my own. I have worked as an engineer and producer in a record studio. I have worked in radio and recorded commercials. I have worked with professional producers and musicians in recording studios and for live shows. I can record a record for you. Let me know what budget you are working with and I can quote you a price. Additionally, I can have your music CD mastered, Art Work designed, and copies made and set up to sell in stores. I work with a team of professionals. We will make it the way you want it from beginning to end. 
If you are an aspiring Artist with reasonable talent, please submit your inquiries, any recordings or samples of your capabilities and skills, and briefly state where you wish to go from here. I am actively and constantly looking for new talent. If you need some guidance, a manager, somebody who can develop you as an artist and you know you have what it takes, contact me. I will evaluate your situation and let be in contact with you about where we can take it. 


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